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First online Get Together

Due to the corona crisis, all events offered by the young chemists in the summer semester had to be cancelled. Nethertheless, the opportunity was taken on 25.04.2020 to have the first online Get Together of the leading board and regional representatives. nSome of the 34 participants (see picture below) met for the first time at the online seminar, so that the event served not only the purpose of exchanging information but also to get to know each other better personally. The afternoon program included an excursion into the history and development of the , information on the upcoming RR speaker elections in June, and more detailed information about our workshop series, which we developed in cooperation with Dr. Hönlinger of SGS Fresenius. Also the members of the individual regional representatives got an insight into the structure and organisation of GÖCH and the working group of young chemists. Hard work aside, some hours were used to build up team spirit with a pub quiz in the evening, where the participants proved their knowledge in groups. The individual teams were actively supported by the former leading board members. Due to the very positive feedback, we decided to expand the Get Together, which takes place annually in person, to an annual online networking meeting. This gives us the opportunity to exchange ideas with the other locations not only once a year, but also to get to know all young chemists at all locations better and to strengthen cohesion.

Die 16 Teilnehmer_innen beim Vernetzungstreffen.

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