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Being a member of the GÖCH and the Jungchemiker comes with many advantages:

  • reduced fees at Jungchemiker events
  • notification about Jungchemiker news
  • no registration fees at the Austrian Chemistry Days (within the early bird deadline)
  • possibility to apply for scholarships (eg. travel grant for conferences) and prizes
  • consignment of the "Nachrichten aus der Chemie"
  • newsletter with announcements of conferences, job offers or news around chemistry

You can register with the GÖCH by filling out the following online form:

The annual fee for student members is 30.00 €. After submitting the registration form, the request of payment is sent to your e-mail or mailing adress. Further information about the registration process is disclosed there. If something remains unclear, please do not hesitate to contact the GÖCH office (office[at]

To facilitate the registration process, we provide the image of an exemplified application form for a student membership down below. If there is uncertainty which member status to choose, please contact us or the GÖCH office (office[at]

Exemplified application form for a student membership
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Jungchemiker Newsletter
April 26th 2019

Dr. Christian Gründling, Speaker of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, teaches you during this workshop the necessary basic skills about chemical legislation.

May 15th 2019

Prof. Michael Ramek gives an overview over colour blindness and how colour blindness can become an issue for affected persons when dealing with new media.

May 21st 2019

To provide an opportunity to explore chemistry outside of the classroom the Jungchemiker Innsbruck organize a series of lectures aimed at pupils.

May 21st 2019

You want to work in the industry after doing your thesis? Then you cannot afford to miss the excursion to chemisch-technische Umweltschutzanstalt and Biocrates organzied by the Regionalvertretung Jungchemiker Innsbruck.