Future events
14th of November 2018 Campus Event Innsbruck
14th of November JC Salzburg - Adler Lacke
20th of November 2018 JC Vienna - Excursion Boehringer Ingelheim
21st of November 2018 JC Innsbruck - regular's table: Science Slam
27th of November 2018 JC Innsbruck - Excursion Montanwerke Brixlegg
29th of November 2018 JC Innsbruck - Winter Festival
11th of Dezember 2018 JC Linz - Mondi and the world of paper
Past events
October 4th 2018 JC Linz - Talk for high school students
October 2018 Goodie Bags for Freshmen
July 31st 2018 Contest 150 Seconds
June 7th 2018 JC Innsbruck - Summer Festival
June 5th 2018 JC Salzburg - Summer Festival
25th of May 2018 JC Innsbruck – lectures for high school students
May 15th 2018 JC Linz - A brief insight into a big company - GE Healthcare
May 5th 2018 JC Innsbruck - Excursion Paper Factory Wattens
April 25th 2018 JC Graz - Beautiful Chemistry: Design for Scientists
March 8th 2018 JC Innsbruck - The Role of Chemistry in Cleaning
April 5th 2018 JC Innsbruck - SciFinder Workshop
January 9th 2018 JC Linz - Natural Detergents - The Buckeye
December 5th 2017 JC Innsbruck - From Chemistry to Management
October 24th 2017 JC Innsbruck - Enlightened Apocalypse - Prerequesite for sustainable ethics
October 2017 Goodie Bags for Freshman
September 25th to 28th 2017 17th Austrian Chemistry Days
September 22nd and 23rd 2017 Get Together 2017
June 8th 2017 JC Linz - CaB-Talks - DiplomingeneurIn - what now?
May 12th 2017 JC Innsbruck - Workshop - Job application: choose your own focus!
May 11th 2017 JC Innsbruck - Guided Tour - ADLER Lacke
April 21st 2017 JC Innsbruck - Workshop - Practice-oriented basics of business administration
April 4th 2017 JC Linz - CaB-Talk - Opportunities at Patheon Linz
January 24th 2017 JC Wien - Chemistry a_side - Chemical and technological aspects of brewing
January 18th 2017 JC Innsbruck - CaB-Talk - Gerolsteiner: Quality with a star
January 12th 2017 JC Linz - Chemistry a_side - Chemistry as a hobby: beer brewing and oil pressing
January 11th 2017 JC Innsbruck - Guided Tour - AGES Innsbruck
November 23rd 2016 JC Innsbruck - Guided tour - Sandoz, Kundl
November 22nd 2016 JC Innsbruck - Chemistry a_side - Chemistry in medical research
October 19th 2016 JC Graz - CaB-Talk - Chances and expectations at ANTON PAAR
October 17th 2016 JC Wien - Chemistry a_side - European chemicals legislation
September 23rd - 25th 2016 Jungchemiker Get-together 2016
June 28th 2016 JC Linz - Chemistry a_side - Cosmetics and household detergents: what are the actual ingredients?
May 10th 2016 JC Innsbruck - Talking Business - EURAC: Research and Career
April 5th 2016 JC Innsbruck - Chemistry a_side - Research funding in Austria
January 20th 2016 JC Innsbruck - Chemistry a_side - Climate change and the agreement of Paris
September 21st - 24th 2015 16th Austrian Chemistry Days
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Jungchemiker Newsletter
14th of November 2018

This international cooperation offers half a day of interesting workshops and presentations.

14th of November

20th of November 2018

Guided company tour at Boehringer Ingelheim research center in Vienna

21st of November 2018

In this competition you can prove that you are both creative and knowledgable in Chemistry.