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From early process development to large scale manufacturing
Highlights and opportunities at CDMO Patheon Linz

Dr. Christoph Schmölzer

Abb.: Dr. Christoph Schmölzer

Dr. Christoph Schmölzer studied chemistry at the University of Vienna and finished his PhD in the group of Prof. Walther Schmid at the Institute of Organic Chemistry. After joining the group of Prof Alexander Bismarck at the Department of Chemical Engineering at the Imperial College London, he joined Patheon in December 2014 as a process chemist.

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Patheon is a world leading contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) with locations all around the world and expertise in small and large molecule manufacturing.

Andrea Eder introduces the talk

By offering highest product quality and safety standards our customers gain a reliable partner to meet their growing demands of manufacturing capacities throughout the entire product lifecycle. Patheon's one-source strategy provides solutions from early process development to fully formulated APIs in its integrated global network.

Dr. Christoph Schmölzer from Patheon

Here in Linz, the Patheon site is focused on drug substance manufacturing. A state-of-the art research facility allows process development and optimization. A pilot plant for initial scale-up and two large scale manufacturing plants, all three operating under full GMP compliance, offer ideal capacities for pharmaceutical production.

The lecture hall is full of interested people

In order to address the complexity of the pharma business, experts from different fields are valued employees at Patheon. This CaB-talk will emphasise the opportunities in R&D with a focus on manufacturing. The overall goal to gain and constantly improve process knowledge is achieved by an interdisciplinary team. As process chemist, the responsibilities range from lab optimization to implementation of the process in pilot campaigns. The evaluation of process parameters as well as troubleshooting in production are important parts of the daily business thus making working at Patheon diversified and exciting day by day.

Dr. Schmölzer talks about the opportunities in R&D with a focus on manufacturing

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