Regional representatives

To provide an attractive program in every part of Austria local representatives are operating at key locations. They organise events and form the link between the local young scientists and the Jungchemiker board.

Image of Bernhard Ringer
Regional representative of Graz

Name: Bernhard Ringer
E-Mail: graz[at]
I am an Upper Austrian student currently living in Graz. Besides eagerly studying towards my Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry, I am also working as a student representative. I'm looking forward to contributing to the establishment of a network where chemists and companies can get in touch with each other. By doing so we can all develop our skills and seize new opportunities, thereby effectively working on issues of today’s society.

Image of Daniel Menia
Regional representative of Innsbruck

Name: Daniel Menia
E-Mail: innsbruck[at]
Studying Chemistry at Innsbruck University since Fall 2012, I quickly realized that a good students network is vital and can eliminate many difficulties and barriers. The Jungchemiker caught my eye precisely because increasing the connection between students and industry, as well as among one another, nationally and internationally, is their main objective. Therefore I was immediately enthusiastic to be part of this project.

Image of Manuel Pühringer
Regional representative of Linz

Name: Manuel Pühringer
E-Mail: linz[at]
I study technical chemistry at the Johannes Kepler University in Linz. I like to advise and help people, which led to my participation at the ÖH since 2013 and the representative of chemistry since 2015. The offer from the Jungchemiker board goes along with my slogan "talking brings people together". I am looking forward to the people I will meet and work with.

Image of Daniela Reiff
Regional representative of Salzburg

Name: Daniela Reiff
E-Mail: salzburg[at]
I study materials science at the university of Salzburg since winter term 2016, which especially allows me to gain new experiences in the field of chemistry. I really enjoy working with people and making new contacts. Therefore, my work as a student representative suits perfectly since it allows me to stay in touch with my fellow students and organize new projects. I was pleased to hear about the idea of the Austrian Young Chemists Network to establish a location here in Salzburg and I am really looking forward to the new projects we are going to set up together.

Image of Sarah Keck
Regional representative of Vienna

Name: Sarah Keck
E-Mail: wien[at]
I studied chemistry at the Friedrich-Schiller-University in Jena and came to Vienna with an exchange program in 2015. My master thesis was a cooperation project and I did my practical part at the University of Vienna. Since December 2017, I am working on my doctoral thesis at Vienna University of Technology in the research division of Macromolecular Chemistry. In Germany, I was a student representative and a member of the Jungchemikerforum Jena. I visited several conferences for chemistry student representatives and JCF spring symposia to support the networking of chemistry students in the German-speaking area. It is a great joy to share my experiences and work together with other young chemists throughout Austria..

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