Young Chemists Network Meetup
Get-Together of the Austrian Young Chemists Network 2021



On the weekend of July 16-18, 2021, the annual Get-Together of the Young Chemists Network finally took place in presence again. For this purpose, young chemists from all over Austria traveled to the Wolfgangsee in St. Gilgen. The seminar weekend was used, among other things, to exchange important experience reports and to discuss future strategies with each other. In different modules, the issues of communication, organization, teamwork, digitalization and much more were addressed in order to inform new members of the Young Chemists Network comprehensively and also to keep long-term members up to date. There was also enough room for finding new ideas and discussing current and future projects, such as: the discussion about a gender-appropriate name for the Young Chemists Network, which led to the decision in a subsequent election to rename us "Young Chemistry" in the future.

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