ChemSkillDays 2019

Host: Regionalvertretung Salzburg mit Unterstützung des JCF München

Date: 05.-07.04.2019

The seminar- and workshop-event - organized by the Jungchemiker Salzburg and JungchemikerForum München - took place in Salzburg from April 5th until April 7th, 2019 in cooperation with "Patheon, Part of Thermo Fisher Scientific" and "ALTANA". On the 5th of April 2019, the Jungchemiker and the Jungchemikerforum Munich were introduced by Miguel Steiner and Mara Parzinger, respectively, in a first international exchange session between the organisations at the Unipark of the University of Salzburg.
On April 6th and 7th, 2019, the program was open for external participants. The 37 ChemSkillDays-participants came from Austria and Germany and were mostly students in bachelor, master and doctoral studies. The seminar about process chemistry by the company Patheon and the workshop about project management by ALTANA were held at the faculty of natural science at the University of Salzburg. During and after the talks the lecturers were open for questions about their careers and possible job entry opportunities as well as internships at the companies.
In addition, the participants were able to get to know the city of Salzburg by a guided tour through the city. Overall, the event gave a great opportunity to network amongst the students of different universities and get to know the companies Patheon and ALTANA.

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