JC Innsbruck - Guided tour

Nine students from Innsbruck spent Thursday May 11 at the site of "Adler Lacke" in Schwaz. The family owned company was founded in 1934 just a few hundred meters away in the town center. Today it is the leading producer of wood lacquer and paint in Austria.

After a short introduction by Mr. Rössler, head of research and development, we were shown around the site. In addition to development, current production, storage and recycling we had a chance to get a preview of the new production unit which is set to start operation within the next months.

To round up our visit, an alumnus from the University in Innsbruck and Mr. Rössler himself offered to answer any questions about our visit and their views on entering the working world.

Group photo of participants and representatives of Adler-Lacke

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