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Practice-oriented basics of business administration

Daniel Morgner

On April 21st 2017 chemistry and pharamcy students of the University of Innsbruck and two employees of associate companies of the Jungchemiker took the chance to participate in the workshop "practice-oriented basics of business administration". Daniel Morgner, Teamleader Business Strategy & Sales Support at SGS, gave an introduction into the topics of accounting, marketing mix (product, price, place, promotion), strategic management and the developement of a businessplan.

Trainer Daniel Morgner

Sheida Hönlinger, manager of the sectors life science und CRS (Consumer and Retail) Cosmetics, Personal Care & Household of the SGS group Germany and vice president of the GÖCH, exemplified the topics out of the perspective of a natural scientist.

Dr. Hönlinger gives examples from everyday business

The learned theories were applied in numerous exercises and group works. As a last point he results were presented and the participants received valuable feedback from Mr. Morgner and Mrs. Hönlinger.

Working in groups

The cake buffet provided a pleasant atmosphere for private conversations in the breaks.

Tasty buffet

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