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Gerolsteiner - Quality with a star

Patrick Lexis

On Wednesday 18th January 2017 Patrick Lexis gave the talk "Gerolsteiner - Quality with a star", organised by the Jungchemiker in Innsbruck. He introduced the audience to Gerolsteiner, a german mineral spring operator and his work in quality control.

Patrick Lexis from Gerolsteiner

Mr. Lexis gave insight into the business and the effort behind something seemingly simple as mineral water. Not only the product itself must be tested, but from the beginning of production developement, quality control has to be involved to prevent future issues like broken glass bottles or bacteria contamination early on. Therefore he emphasised the importance of all workers being included into the process.

The audience follows the presentation

Finally, he answered questions concerning mineral water, quality control and working circumstances in the industry.

Buffet after the talk

Afterwards a buffet offered an opportunity for a private conversation with Mr. Lexis.

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