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Cosmetics and household detergents: what are the actual ingredients?

The talk about "Cosmetics and household detergents: what are the actual ingredients?" by DI.in Heike Hekerens was organized by the Jungchemiker Team in Linz and took place on the 28.06.2016 at the JKU in the lecture room 13. As the title indicates, the topic of the talk was about the ingredients of household detergents and cosmetics. Hereby not only the consumers point of view but also the producers was discussed. Questions like: "where to put which warning signs", "how is the expiration date determined", "which applications and documents are prescribed to sell the products?", "which resources are allowed to be used and which ones are in discussion right now?" were answered. At the end of the presentation indiviual questions of the audience were answered.

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April 26th 2019

Dr. Christian Gründling, Speaker of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, teaches you during this workshop the necessary basic skills about chemical legislation.

May 15th 2019

Prof. Michael Ramek gives an overview over colour blindness and how colour blindness can become an issue for affected persons when dealing with new media.

May 21st 2019

To provide an opportunity to explore chemistry outside of the classroom the Jungchemiker Innsbruck organize a series of lectures aimed at pupils.

May 21st 2019

You want to work in the industry after doing your thesis? Then you cannot afford to miss the excursion to chemisch-technische Umweltschutzanstalt and Biocrates organzied by the Regionalvertretung Jungchemiker Innsbruck.