Contest: "150 Seconds" - Present your Research

Chemistry is not just memorizing structural formula it is in particular a field of fascinating state of the art research. As a chemistry student you encounter this thrilling part of chemistry especially during your bachelor-, master- or Ph.D thesis. However, it is often challenging to present research topics to a broader audience. Now is the time for you to take on this challenge. Show us your research project in a creative short film in 150 seconds and win 100 euro!

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Kindly supported by Chemistry Europe, the best 3 submissions will be awarded with 100 euro. To participate in the video competition send us an e-mail to office[at] until 31st of July containing: .

  • A link to your video on a suitable platform (Youtube, Cloud Services, WeTransfer, etc.)
  • A confirmation that the presented work is part of your research (thesis or publication)
  • Your bank account

Active members of a local representation or the board of the Austrian Young Chemists Network are excluded from participation. The evaluation of the submissions will be performed by an independent jury. The video can be either in German or English. All participants hand over the rights for the commercial and non commercial use of the videos to the Austrian Chemical Society.

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